This two day Basic Counselling Skills Workshop and is an opportunity to acquire communication skills and learn practical counselling methods to help people deal with personal and work related matters.

This introductory workshop is great for managers, supervisors, employment counselors, health care workers, and any staff that have to deal with difficult people. It’s for anyone who may be new to counselling or for those wishing to improve their helping skills.

Participants will learn about the process of counselling. It is a process in which the helper helps another person to identify sources of difficulties or concerns that they are experiencing and ways to assist them to make informed and healthy decisions about themselves, their relationships and their futures — on their own.

A manager or supervisor may interview and counsel an employee dealing with unwanted behaviour or low performance. A counselling interview helps to find out what the problems are and how to deal with them in a non-threatening way.

For example, being absent from work may be the result of bullying.

A counselor tries to help poor performance without taking disciplinary action. At a counselling interview need to be told what improvement is expected and how long their performance will be under review for. This might sometimes be called an ‘informal warning’ but does not form part of a disciplinary procedure.


  • Develop skills that gives you confidence in your ability to council
  • Learn about the counselling process
  • How to provide support and motivate clients to improve and develop healthy relationships to meet their needs
  • Practice interviewing skills and counselling techniques

Topics Covered:

  • Assertive Communications Skills- nonverbal body language
  • Ethics, empathy, listening and supporting skills
  • Questioning strategies- open and closed questions
    Problem solving skills
  • Self-esteem what it is and how to build self-esteem
  • Grieving and the grieving process
  • Stress management
  • Writing realistic goals and objectives
  • After acquiring basic counselling skills some may decide to move on to specialized counselling or to professional counselling

Qualifications of Instructor – Jean Sam:
20-years facilitating

Provincial Instructors Diploma – Vancouver Community College
Psychology/Criminology at Simon Fraser University
Administrative Management- Graduated two year program- BCIT 
Counselling Certificate – VCC