This two day interactive workshop/seminar is presented by entertaining human resource professionals. Many people seem to think this is a complicated lawyers topic but it is a Labour Relations Human Resource topic that every manager needs to understand.

This workshop provides up-to-date information on Canadian Employment Legislation and includes a wide range of employment related topics. We discuss Federal Labour Standards, the Human Rights Act, Occupational Health and Safety, Workers Compensation Act, and other related topics such as hiring and selection, just cause and employment contracts.

Knowledge of Labour legislation will assist you in designing and implementing up-to-date employment policies. Well written policies will reduce conflict, improve morale, create a positive, safer working environment and will help to protect employees and employers from litigation.

Who should attend?

Members of Chief and Council, Human Resource Managers, Program Managers and Supervisors who need to keep up to the ever changing labour laws.

Emphasis is placed upon the Federal Labour Standards and those who work under Federal Jurisdiction. This includes those employed by Tribal Councils, Band Administrations, Band operated businesses, Programs and Organizations.

Employers need to be proactive in developing up-to-date workplace policies.

Employers can be held liable for improperly hiring, firing, or demoting employees. They can be fined for failing to comply with legislated minimums, such as wages, vacation time, and medical, disability and parental leaves.

Employers are also be found liable for the actions of their employees, such as in cases of bullying and sexual harassment. For First Nations organizations these issues are even more complex because of our own unique challenges and circumstances, such as conflicts of interest and elections.

Policies and Procedures:       

♦ Meet the mandatory minimum Labour Standards Compliance.

♦ Protect employers from litigation.

♦ Informs staff on guidelines for conduct and obligations.

♦ Provide guidelines for using the progressive discipline process by implementing proper ways to deal with bullies, chronic lateness, poor work ethics, social media and other problem behaviors.

♦ Helps to create a positive and safe workplace environment.

Major Topics Covered Include:

♦ Jurisdiction

♦ Sources of Employment Law

♦ Common and Statute Law

♦ The Employee & Employer Relationship

♦ Human Rights in Employment

♦ General Contract Principles

♦ Policy Manuals-Implementation

♦ Discipline

♦ Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies

♦ Sexual Harassment

♦ Privacy in the Workplace

♦ Just Cause & Unjust Dismissal

♦ The Canada Labour Code Part III