We can produce a policy manual of reasonable size, in a timely manner, and at reasonable rates!

The Employment Policy Manuals we create for Bands and Organizations are up to date on the current Human Rights, Canada Labour Standards and other relevant legislation. We write them with the way that things are done by your current administration and include the traditions and values of your community.

Its purpose is to ensure consistency and understanding of the employer’s policies and practices which will reduce conflict, improve morale, create a safer working environment and will help to protect employees and the employer from litigation.

We can get the results you need—well-written Employment Policies in plain English and understood by all. For past clients, we presented a completed policy manual to the staff and with additional input and ideas from the staff, everyone learns and understands the policies and are more willing to agree with them.

The Policies and Procedures

♦ Meet or exceed the mandatory minimum Labour Standards Compliance.

♦ Protect employers from litigation.

♦ Informs staff on guidelines for conduct and obligations.

♦ Provide guidelines for using the progressive discipline process by implementing proper ways to deal with social media, bullies, chronic lateness, poor work ethics and other problem behaviours.

♦ Include your community values and beliefs on how things are expected to be done.

♦ Educate and promote health and safety within the workplace.

♦ Outlines the steps to Mediation of disputes or problems.

♦ Payroll Administration, Employee Compensation & Benefits.

♦ Recruitment & Selection and Employee Training & Development.

♦ Disability & Attendance Management.

♦ Job descriptions and organizational chart.

♦ Employee incentives and Seniority program.