If you need to learn Excel, this three day training is a great opportunity! Excel can be used to make Budgets, Reports, Schedules, Invoices, Time Sheets, Forms, and more. We focus on program budgets.

We make Excel fun and easy to learn, while teaching you shortcuts and techniques you will not learn in other Excel courses.

By the time you complete this training, you will know how the program works, which commands you need to learn to be able to create your very own spreadsheets!

The training is hands-on. We supply in class laptops, a projector, excel worksheets and manuals. Using one of our laptops participants follow along a projected screen under the guidance of an experienced instructor. 

Excel is the number one program in the world. It is designed for everyone everywhere, from doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., so we only teach what you need to know and learn and we can get you up to speed.

Topics covered in the course are:

♦ Exploring the Microsoft Office 2016 environment; Ribbons, Quick Access Toolbar, and the File View on Windows 10. And we do share insights and shortcuts on using Windows 10.

♦ Learn about Worksheets, Sheet Tabs, Rows, Columns, Cells, & Range Of Cells.

♦ Review cell references and assumption tables.

♦ Learn keyboard shortcuts to navigate and enter data.

♦ Review cell and number formatting techniques.

♦ Create and modify Charts and Insert Graphic Objects.

♦ Learn how Excel calculates time and date math.

♦ Learn to perform math calculations and how to use Formulas and Functions.

♦ Organize a worksheet by Analyzing Data.

♦ We spend time on creating Program Budgeting Spreadsheets.