This two day workshop is designed for individuals who need to increase their knowledge on contract principles and learn how to be a good negotiator.

You can utilize this information and develop your negotiating skills when dealing with corporations, government, contractors, consultants, nurses, regular employees and other proposed agreements.

Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, hiring, funding a new initiative or agreeing on who will take on tasks or assignments, negotiation is the process.

Who Should Attend?
Managers, Human Resource Personnel, Board Members and anyone who would like to increase their negotiation skills.


Participants will gain an understanding of contract principles whether verbal or written and acquire skills to prepare to negotiate contracts.

What You Will Learn:

♦ To save time and money

♦ How to recognize negotiation situations

♦ Preparing for negotiations

♦ How to be assertive, not too aggressive or too passive

Topics Covered:

♦ Breach of Contract and Exceptions when a Contract can be Nullified

♦ The definition of a contract and formal parts to a written contract

♦ Three components of a contract, the offer, acceptance and consideration

♦ The obligations of a contract

♦ Negotiation Skills: develop an effective plan and appropriate strategy for any negotiation

♦ Learn tips for breaking negotiation deadlocks

♦ Use questioning techniques to uncover what all stakeholders want or need

♦ To be able to say no, the right to disagree, and the right to change your mind