Whether it is presenting at a meeting, training employees, or delivering a speech, effective presentation skills are essential in the workplace.

This three day training is hands-on and designed to show you how to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and create your own presentations.

PowerPoint 2016 is used to enhance a presentation when presenting your ideas and is very useful and powerful visual aid because you can include animated words, pictures, diagrams, charts, hyperlinks and video clips into your presentation.

During this workshop, participants gain the knowledge to plan and prepare effective PowerPoint presentations. We teach the most useful program functions while improving your communication skills which gives participants the confidence to overcome nervousness and make effective presentations.

This course is a lot of fun and is presented in a non-threatening environment.

The topics covered in the course are:

♦ Create effective PowerPoint presentations to maximize impact.

Explain PowerPoint program features of the tabs, ribbon and groups.

Learn to enhance presentations using themes, charts, animations, pictures and sound.

♦ Professional presentation and communication techniques. Gain confidence by learning about communications skills, both verbal and non-verbal (body) language.

♦ Learn the steps to writing a speech and tips on delivery.

♦ Discover ways to overcoming nervousness. Recognizing the do’s and don’ts of effective presentations.

♦ Improve skills using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 with our in class laptops.

We supply the computers, a projector, manuals and handouts.