Proposal writing is needed to fund new or existing programs or projects. Anyone can learn how to write proposals. Most proposals are not that large and successful ones, follow principles covered in this hands-on training workshop.

Participants say the workshop is very informative, relevant and useful. Many past participants have gone on to get their ideas, projects or programs organized and funded!

Objective: How to write an effective proposal, by developing your idea and getting it organized to get funding for your program.

Who should attend?

Program managers, supervisors, youth coordinators, economic development, support staff, and any department that needs more funding from outside sources.

Topics covered:

♦ Learn about pre-proposal strategies.

♦ Identify a need for your proposal.

♦ Identify your target group. What and who is the proposal for?

♦ Learn the difference between goal and objective statements and learn different ways to write them for your proposal.

♦ Design and create a profile chart and planning model for effective proposals.

♦ Review the contents needed in proposals and which documents to include in the appendices.

♦ Develop and design a format for your proposal.

♦ List the activities of who does what, when, where, how and why.

♦ Discuss funding agents what goes into proposal budgets.

♦ Participants get handout information and a Proposal Writing Booklet

♦ Discuss different types of funding.

♦ Discover hidden funding agents and how to approach possible funders.

♦ A-Z of fund-raising ideas and activities.