This interactive training is designed for anyone who would like to learn how to teach, facilitate or to present a topic.

As instructors, we know what people need to learn. Participants are taught communication skills, program planning, organizing a topic, creating lesson plans and what teaching resources are the best to use for the topic or learning activity being taught.

After this five day training, participants will be able to facilitate a workshop, conferences, or meetings on any topic in an organized and professional manner.


♦ Teach with confidence by learning about communications skills, both verbal and non-verbal (body) language which will improve your presentation skills in public speaking.

♦ Learning how to assess the need of a program.

♦ Design lesson plans to organize topics for presentation.

♦ Learn how to write goals and objectives for your subject/topic.

♦ Prepare and learn how to use visual aids such as PowerPoint 2016, flip charts, handouts, role plays and other media resources.

♦ How to design a profile chart to organize work plans for a program.

♦ Teach subjects/topics for higher success rates by understanding different learning styles.

♦ Recognize motivational factors that encourage students, participants, or employees.